Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're gonna be rich!

My other car is a Cadillac
So based on the latest fanciful figures dreamed up by Egypt’s ever so precise prosecution team, every man, woman and child can expect to receive over 50,000 Egyptian Pounds from stolen funds from just the former president.  And surely there must be at least an equivalent sum from the other rascals being put behind bars to feed the masses lust for raw meat, so it is very reasonable to believe that after all is said and done, your average citizen will be dressed up in silk suits and driving a shiny new Benz.  Add to this the exciting prospect of re-instituting the great successes of public ownership of private assets (we all remember the excellent the quality at Omar Effendi, Stella (aka “One Million Cockroaches Can’t Be Wrong”) and other marquee brands before the evil efficiencies of private ownership took over), and things really are looking splendid. 

Surprising, the aversion of those dim-witted investors to such enlightened policies. 

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