Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where Bin Laden is Missed

Peace and Love
So the same Muslim Brotherhood whom President Obama and his cheerleaders hopefully point to as forward thinking reformers who will create a new Middle East, and with whom a leadership in Egypt  continues to disturbingly accommodate, turn out to be rather ambiguous, if not outright remorseful and bitter, it would seem, about the death of a man who is an embodiment of hate and destruction.  In its own words, the Brotherhood's official statement about the "assassination" of "Sheikh" Osama Bin Laden (and women and children) makes not a single reference to this man's destructive legacy.  Instead, they moan and groan about the familiar and tired refrains about Western imperialism, Zionism, etc.  Such is the state of retardation and escapism among the Egyptian population, that this view sadly is not confined to just the Brotherhood, but in varying degrees, reflects the thinking of many Egyptians, including seemingly educated and Westernized ones, bitter that it does not fit into the comfortable storyline of a saintly uprising versus American-backed purveyors of suppression in the region. 

It is not clear at what point Professor Obama and co. will come to realize that there is no scope for accommodation with the Muslim Brotherhood and its spiderweb of sympathizers.  It does not always have to be a "with us or against us" equation:  in this case, it is.


  1. "Professor"???

    I think you are just jealous because the Hamas quote was so much better.


  2. Remember this man with a "destructive legacy" is a product of American foreign policy of the 80's. The Obama administration realizes that it cannot isolate the Islamic Brotherhood otherwise like they did eith Bin Laden after the Soviet war. They need to be given a legitimate platform to vocalize

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