Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brothers in Arms: Team Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Senator John Kerry’s recent high-profile visit to the ostentatious new headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood (query the funding source) is the latest in the continuing outrages of the Obama Administration's placation of regressive Islamists. Never mind that the lower house election cycle in Egypt is only one-third complete. Never mind that secular forces naturally allied to U.S. ideals of civil and individual rights are being suffocated by religious demagogues of whom the Muslim Brotherhood are the patron saint. Never mind that U.S. attention and recognition remain decisive factors on the Egyptian political scene. The head of the Salafist party - supposedly distinct and separate from the supposedly moderate Brotherhood party - synthezied it all quite well: "[t]he American administration's contact with Islamists is a sign of victory for us." 
Through its action and inaction, the novices guiding Team Obama bear direct blame for the disastrous rise of Islamists and corresponding collapse of liberals in Egypt and the Middle East. Egypt, the region, the United States and the world are being ill-served by the feckless leadership in Washington.     
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