Friday, February 17, 2012

Surprise, Surprise: Obama's US without Friends

Blowing it
After blindly championing a policy of trying to look popular and ignoring the consequences of undercutting a leadership nurtured over decades, and then pursuing a hopelessly flawed accommodation with regressive Islamists, the U.S. Government finds itself desperate to find friends in Egypt.  With the years of dominant U.S. military, political and economic presence, this is nothing short of outrageous.

So what does Team Obama do next?  It carries on with its amateurish attitude of getting into highly publicized tiffs with junior ministers over peripheral issues, and acts with a chip on its shoulder through a self-defeating policy of turning international financial institutions against Egypt.   

This is not a way for the world's superpower to run relations with any country, let alone a strategic partner vulnerable to a myriad of dangerously populist pressures.  The United States will find its adult friends in Egypt, and the region at large, when it starts acting like an adult

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