Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Egypt Off the Headlines!

There should be a KPI imposed on Egyptian leaders that measures the prominence of press on the country. The mandate should be that less is more. Egypt is in need of normality. It needs to have kids attending properly functioning schools. It needs gas stations that pump gas. It needs water taps through which liquid comes out in the non-orange variety. It needs to have a sustainable trash collection system. It needs manageable urbanization. It needs a football league with a fixed start date. It needs a bureaucracy empowered to issue permits, grant licenses and generally to get things done. It needs public prosecutors and judges who are guardians of the law and not corrupt populists. It needs a constitution that can provide even a modicum of certainty of individual and social protections to all of its citizens.

Less of that...

What Egypt does not need is to be the subject of never-ending story lines in the domestic, regional and international media. The politicization of anything and everything might make for sensational talk shows, cracking editorials and dramatic discussions on geo-strategy, but it does nothing to help address the country's ever more pressing needs. Cynical leaders of all stripes, however, not only are doing nothing to keep Egypt out of the headlines, but are courting attention for all of the wrong reasons. Ego trips and flaming mayhem to grab attention and money will do nothing but exacerbate, and delay resolution to, problems that Egypt must overcome to ever have hope of a return to normality, let alone to progress.

Egyptians like to imagine the world revolves around them. It does not, and it is high time for Egypt to find its place in the real world instead.

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