Saturday, October 6, 2012

Morsi's First 10,000 Days


CAIRO  November 10, 2039 (Associated Bress)  Jubilant crowds greeted President Mohamed Morsi on occasion of his 10,000th day in office as the beloved leader of Egypt.  Beating back chronic fuel shortages, Egyptians of all ages abandoned their cars, coming by foot and climbing up artificial mountains created by accumulated piles of garbage on Sharaa Mohamed Morsi to catch a glimpse of the President.  In a rousing speech, Morsi vowed to rule Egypt until the last beating of his heart and to uphold the democratic aspirations of the country.  
Before arriving with his armored entourage of 800 black Mercedes -- which caused back-ups of up to 47 kilometers throughout the city --  Morsi attended a festival in his honor at Estad Morsi, followed by prayers at Masgad Morsi.  Gift boxes with valued slices of rock-free bread were provided to fellow congregants. In a sign of solidarity and tolerance praised by the U.S. State Department, he also met with 83 year old Guirgis Botrous, the youngest member of the country's once vibrant Coptic Christian community.  Foreign dignitaries and stars of the Doha-based Egyptian music and film industry transmitted notes of congratulations to the leader fondly referred to as El Dictator.  A three day holiday was declared, suspending work of the constitutional committee now in its twenty-ninth year of continuous session to develop a legal framework protecting Egypt's modern, civic nature.

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