Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Heaping praises on El Dictator
While President Obama impressed himself with the link he formed with Morsi to cool the political hot potato of Israel and the Palestinians, the "pragmatically confident" Morsi was busy at that very same time usurping near total power on the domestic front in Egypt.  The contrast between U.S. perceptions of a moderate and democratic Egypt and the realities of a theocratic dictatorship in the making could not be sharper, and the rosey perception is most definitely aiding and abetting the culmination of the crude reality.  

What the President of the United States thinks matters.  It matters because the United States is the world's sole superpower, and it has, does and will continue to dominate in the Middle East generally, and in Egypt specifically.  Unfortunately, this president has managed to convince himself early on that Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood can be accommodating partners, whether because he really believes so, or because he lowered the standard so much as to make the concept of partnership nearly irrelevant, or some of both. Whatever the case, Morsi has taken note of the air cover, and the ground offensive is now in full swing.  

The Secretary of State promised to judge Morsi by "actions, nor words".  That standard, it seems, is a selective one at best.  Sadly, this Administration could not care less that Egypt become another shining city on a hill, let alone that it shine at all, provided it toes the line on U.S. "strategic interests" (read, not annoying Israel too much). So long as this fallacy continues, the United States, Egypt and the rest of the world will be worse off. 

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