Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bull Shit Justice

Egypt has outdone its pathetic self and found a new low. In a vain, politicized, chaotic and cowardly decision, the Egyptian "justice system" has concluded that twenty-one more fans must die. This is how justice is served for the seventy-two (or seventy-four...even the number of dead from the Masry-Ahly debacle is not known, but such minor details needn't interfere with getting on with things). The exigencies of chalking up a victory for the incompetent prosecution, throwing a bone to the dogs barking for accountability for the sixty years of the raping of the country, the legitimizing of conspiracy narratives, quieting the court-room mayhem and giving a sense of satisfaction to the self-identified revolutionary heroes of Tahrir, made throwing away twenty-one irrelevant lives from provincial Port Said an easy call.

Never mind that no one is really sure how anyone died. Never mind the more proximate realities known to each and every Egyptian who frequents (or used to frequent...kiss that experience goodbye) games at horrendous stadiums, with brutish security and uncontrolled passions inflamed by a history of match-day injustices. Never mind banal standards of evidence. Never mind the wider societal responsibilities. Never mind the incompetent policing. Never mind the destruction of domestic sport. Never mind justice. Never mind the twenty-one.
Another part of Egypt for the history books  

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