Monday, February 11, 2013

Nasr Automotive - The Return of the Junk Car

Bringing back the good times!

Apparently having nothing else to do given the prevailing safety and security Egypt enjoys these days, the Egyptian military has decided to have its production arm restart manufacturing of the country's very own crap-mobile, El Nasr. If anything exemplifies the utter failings of Nasserist economic policies, it is the junk car produced by the state-owned El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company (NASCO). Notwithstanding the advantages of massive tariff barriers, subsidized production and an effective monopoly on the domestic market for over two decades, NASCO was forced to mothball production lines in 2009, as finicky consumers turned to better produced and cheaper cars.

But leave it to the command-and-control wizards -- emboldened by the revolutionary intelligentsia -- to bring back the good-old-days of the 127, 128, 131 and 133. This is being accompanied by military/state (is there a difference?)-backed revivals of quality bellwethers such as Omar Effendi, buy-local campaigns, treatment of consumer product imports as illicit narcotics, crowding out of the private sector and on and on.  

One Hand indeed it is - slapping straight across your face.   

Coming to a dealer near you


  1. We shipped a few containers of junk cars to Egypt about 4 months ago and had major problems. I am still working it out with the officials but who knew shipping junk cars could be such a hassle.

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