Monday, July 1, 2013

Egypt in a Global Perspective

The world's view of Egypt according to Egyptians:
  • "Tens of millions of peaceful citizens on streets bravely championing a democratic revolution over scary bearded people" 
  • "White House, European Commission, Qatar scheming 23 hours per day on grand strategies in Egypt; all other foreign and domestic policy issues deemed irrelevant"
  • "Every man, woman and child over the age of three passionately following latest conspiracy intrigue offered by Tawfiq Okasha"
And in other news, tragic death of firefighters in historic heat in Arizona, revelations of mass wiretapping continue, commodity prices in state of collapse, Brazil crush Spain in World Cup warm up, Mika to judge Italian version of X-Factor 

The world's actual view of Egypt:

...and in other news, Egyptians call for a military takeover two years after decrying military rule. Summer deals in Red Sea   

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