Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Economic policy كده

Q:  How will you deal will deal with poverty?
A:  I will provide for refrigerated carts to distribute meat at half their current market value.
Q:  But how will that work?

Q.  OK. How about dealing with the constant power outages?
A.  Everyone will use energy-efficient light bulbs.
Q.  But how will you ensure people actually buy and install these energy-efficient bulbs?
A.  كده

Q.  Right. So what about unemployment and water shortages?
A.  I will solve both at once by increasing by more than 50% the amount of arable land and moving Gouna into some miserable Upper Egyptian province.  
Q.  But haven't these ideas been promised over and over and never happened? How will it happen this time, especially given the constraints that already exist on the Nile?
A.  كده

Ben venunti a Qena

Q.  How will all of this be financed?
A.  Through the gratitude of brotherly Arabs and less-brotherly non-Arabs, plus Egyptians abroad chipping in.
Q.  But won't this gratitude at some point end, and haven't prior endeavors to appeal to Egyptians abroad failed miserably? How can you ensure it will work this time?
A.  كده  

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