Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Bost

I have felt compelled to start this ‘plog’ in consideration of the idiocy currently prevailing in much of the world, and particularly in my country of origin (but, mercifully, not the country of citizenship) Egypt. Countering widely misguided views of big ideas, like democracy and liberty, in the context of the wild-eyed excitement of a "revolution" is not an easy task, particularly when virtual reality is considered an apt substitute for 7,000 years of factual realities, but I shall nonetheless try.

For openers, I will limit this to a few, summary thoughts. You cannot "breathe" freedom. You can breathe air. Medieval retards who aspire to return 85 million, already largely retarded people to an eighth century fantasy world are not inspired democrats, political prisoners or freedom fighters; they are retards. And, incidentally, dear President Obama: kindly keep your na├»ve and subversive ideas about how to interact with such retards to yourself. Egypt is not a “test case” for your social studies experiment on how to interact with them.

When Egypt has a Minister of Justice, and not a token Minister of Environment, who is a Christian, start speaking about democracy. When Egypt tries and convicts all forms of law breaking in fair trials, and not a select few in 10 minute trials, start speaking about democracy. When Egypt protects property rights, and does not encourage Robin Hood thievery to placate the poor, start speaking of democracy.

Until then, spare me the flag-waving, insipid nationalism, fashionable symbols of unity and more-is-less, less-is-more double speak.

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