Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plog Numero Due - fresh green fields

Surprising, how the millions of overnight political experts in Egypt sort of missed commenting on the 800 pound gorilla with whom they are faithfully entrusting themselves (though I think we can all agree, they do manage to prepare the best grass fields in the local stadiums, and have become proficient in paving roads and the Jeeps are ok too). Nice to see the NY Times actually send their own investigative reporters to do something, rather than formulate their "news" on the basis of the handful of social media outlets that are consistently measured and unbiased...shame it was so unintentionally timed after the cement had dried from the military coup d'etat otherwise known by its various other, warmer and fuzzier names.

But let's not dwell on these details. Let's find and hang all those blasted land speculators who bought on the cheap and sold for so much money...and, no, don't inquire where the land speculators acquired that land from originally either.

* Not a stadium financed by USAID.

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