Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shika to Napoli

The rumour has been around for a couple of years about the transfer of Egypt’s biggest talent for generations, Shikabala, to SSC Napoli, only to be dismissed as una bufala totale. The story has resurfaced of late, however, bringing back the hope of watching Shika dance around defenders at Stadio San Paolo.

As hard as it will be for Zamalek – the club of il fan wal handasa, and the only team outside of Europe or Latin America that can inspire the creativity of a Shikabala – to lose this genius, the pathetic state of affairs of Egyptian football (get ready for A.C. Brotherhood) and Egypt more generally, make it unforgivable to have these skills atrophy any longer. Shikabala is 26 years old, at the late end of his career prime. He will be out of contract at the end of the month, and whether or not Zamalek is able to first sign him to earn higher transfer fees, it is time to let this eagle fly. 

The energy, passion and heat of Napoli are tailor-made for Shika, as they were for the world’s greatest Maradona in the 1980s. Combining Shika’s magical ball control with the power and pace of the likes of Cavani, Lavezzi and Hamsik (or whomever will replace them should Napoli decide to cash in), would be awesome to watch. Shika can make proud Zamalek, Napoli, Egypt, Italy and the world.      

Ta'amaya con sfogliatelle

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